Tuesday 11 December 2018
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epochtimes - 3 month ago


此前,曾了解到您(川普总统)伸手帮助一些被中共关押的中国人权律师家属,还帮助他们实现抵美的心愿。您的善良和慷慨令人十分钦佩。 I learned earlier that you(President Trump) lent your helping hand to several family members of those righteous Chinese human rights lawyers who were imprisoned, and made it possible for those family members to enter the United States. Your kindness and generosity is really admirable. 所以,我多么的希望能得到您的帮助。如果可能,期盼您帮助我们远离中共的迫害,一个从祖祖父辈就遭受中共迫害的家庭。 Therefore, I also hope to get your help if possible, based on the fact that my family has suffered from se

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