Tuesday 29 September 2020
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CDT - 2 month ago

上海骄傲节 | 上海骄傲节终止所有活动 The End of the Rainbow

上海骄傲节在2009年刚刚起步时,仅是为庆祝包容和多元性的小型社群活动。我们的初衷是营造出富有爱和包容的环境,给需要的人们以归属感。在过去的12年里,我们不断努力,给这个所钟爱的城市增添文化气息和多样性:我们展出了许多富有启发性的艺术、影视和戏剧作品,通过多元招聘会和小组开放日,建立起社群间的沟通桥梁,为人们分享自己多彩而真实的人生故事提供了平台,举行了多场精彩的派对,也主办了多场论坛,积极探讨如何让上海成为一座更加多彩且兼容并蓄的城市。 ShanghaiPRIDE began in 2009 as a small community event in celebration of acceptance and diversity. We hoped to instill a sense of belonging in anyone who sought it and nurture an environment of inclusion and love. Over the past 12 years, we worked hard to enrich the culture and diversity of this city that we love so much: we showcased inspired artwork, theater, and we fostered connections through job fairs and group open we offered a platform for individuals to share authentic stories about their we threw parties that brought people to and we hosted forums to trade wisdom on how to make Shanghai a more vibrant, inclusive place.

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